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AUOSHI Retractable Garden Hose Reel 1/2″ 100ft

AUOSHI Retractable Garden Hose Reel 1/2″ 100ft Automatic Water Hose Reel with 10 Function Sprayer Nozzle Wall Mount 180 Deg Swivel Hose Holder with Any Length Lock Slow Return System for Outside Yard



AUOSHI Retractable Garden Hose Reel!
Say goodbye to tangled hoses and messy storage with this innovative and convenient garden essential. AUOSHI Retractable Garden Hose Reel is equipped with 1/2″ inner diameter PVC water pipe 100FT (outlet pipe) + 6.6 FT (inlet pipe), 3/4″ American copper connector, and adjustable spray nozzle with 10 spray patterns. Can be used for car washing, pet bathing, garden irrigation, etc.

AUOSHI Retractable Garden Hose Reel: Your hassle-free solution for garden watering needs. Say goodbye to tangled hoses with our 100ft retractable hose reel. Feature a 1/2″ diameter for optimal water flow and a convenient wall mount with a 180-degree swivel hose holder for easy maneuverability. Our automatic reel comes with a 10-function sprayer nozzle, allowing you to customize your watering experience. With our innovative slow return system and any length lock feature, winding and unwinding the hose is a breeze. Simplify your gardening routine with the AUOSHI Retractable Garden Hose Reel today!

Material PP/PVC
Hose Length 100FT
Hose Diameter 1/2 in.
Leader Hose 6.6FT
Item Weight 25 lbs

[Retractable Hose Reel Free Lock]: Enjoy effortless watering and cleanup with the AUOSHI auto-retractable garden hose 100 ft. The water hose can be stopped at any desired length and covers every corner of your garden. Hose smoothly retracts into the hose with a simple tug, keeping your garden neat without manual winding.[10-Pattern Adjustable Spray Nozzle]: Customize your watering experience with AUOSHI Hose Reel’s versatile spray nozzle. With 10 spray patterns, including shower, mist, jet, and more. Perfect for watering delicate plants, cleaning outdoor surfaces, or tackling tough gardening tasks, meet various watering needs of yours.[Durable Garden Hose]: AUOSHI water hose holders for outside are crafted from high-quality materials premium hose and sealing performance that can bear up to high water pressure. AUOSHI hose reel is built to withstand the elements. The robust casing protects the outdoor hose from UV rays, ensuring longevity and preventing fades or becomes from exposure to the sun.[Effortless Installation]: Mount the retractable garden hose reel on your wall using the included 180-degree rotation garden hose holder and screws. Maximize coverage with the hose reel wall mount’s 180-degree rotational, ensuring seamless watering in every garden corner, without the restrictions of a fixed hose. Easily detach the reel for storage by pulling out the fixing rod.[Auto Slow Rewind]: AUOSHI water hose 100ft with a stable auto rewind system. You only need to gently pull the reel outward to activate the automatic recovery mechanism, and water hose reel will be automatically recovered slowly and arranged in the interior, to ensure tidiness. AUOSHI garden hose storage neatly coils into a compact unit, effortlessly saving space. Enjoy a clutter-free garden shed and more room for your gardening essentials.


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