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751501743179-13KPa Dog Grooming Kit With 5 Pet Grooming Tools

AUOSHI Dog Grooming Kit 13KPa 2.5L Pet Hair Grooming Vacuum With 5 Pet Grooming Tools Deshedding Brush Clippers Hair Remover Pet Supplies for Dog Cats and other Animals (Wihte)



[Professional Pet Grooming Vacuum with 5 Essential Tools]: Elevate your pet grooming experience with this multi-functional pet supplies grooming kit, with 5 proven tools: grooming brush, deshedding tool, electric clipper (complete with 4 replaceable clipping combs,4 sizes), cleaning brush, and nozzle.
·[Grooming Brush and Deshedding Tool]: Removes loose hair, and makes pet hair shiny and smooth. To keep your pet looking its best.
·[Electric Clipper]: Achieve precision grooming with our electric clipper, allowing you to create various stylish looks for your furry friend.
·[Cleaning Brush and Nozzle]: Tackling crumbs on the sofa, dust in the corners, and stubborn pet hair on clothing with ease.

[Portable Wireless Electric Clipper]: This dog grooming clipper offers both versatility and convenience. With a rechargeable battery design that can be detachable and used alone. With 4 adjustable electric clipper combs (3mm(0.12″)/6mm(0.24″)/9mm(0.35″)/12mm(0.47″)), it effortlessly trims pet hair of varying lengths.

[Low Noise Design]: Special noise reduction processing ensures the maximum sound level is less than 62 dB. Creates a calm and stress-free grooming environment for your beloved pets. We recommend using the low-suction clipper alone first or grooming your pet with a brush before trimming pet hair. Offering your pet some treats during the grooming session can further enhance their comfort and relaxation.

[2.5L Dust Cup]: With a large capacity of 2.5L dust box, easy to detach, empty, and clean. This pet hair vacuum is designed with a space-saving feature – the hose and cord can be neatly coiled around the machine for effortless storage.

[Max 13kPa Powerful Suction]: Our grooming kit offers 3 distinct suction levels for your convenience: Boost mode at 13kPa, Standard mode at 10kPa, and Eco mode at 7kPa. Max 13KPa power absorbs excess pet dander. Collects 99% of pet hair in the dust box.

[5.3FT Extra long hose]: With 5.3FT hose(after elongation) and an 8.7FT power cable, provide more flexibility. The detachable design of the hose can be easily removed and replaced.

[99% Pet Hair Vacuum Suction]: Pet hair vacuum groomer, equipped with a powerful vacuum cleaner, not only trims, de-shedding, and brushes your pet’s hair but also efficiently vacuums up 99% of loose pet hair into the storage cup. Ensures your home and furniture stay free from the hassle of messy pet hair.

[Save Time and Money]: AUOSHI B1 dog grooming vacuum for hair removal is your all-in-one solution for a DIY salon day for your furry friend. Say goodbye to monthly trips to the dog groomer, and cost-effective at-home grooming for your beloved pet. It’s a fantastic gift for your friends, family, or fellow pet enthusiasts.

Warm tips:

1. Prioritize Pet Comfort:
– Ensure your pets feel at ease during grooming. Start with the lowest setting to let them acclimate, then adjust to the ideal setting. You can also offer small treats to relax them.
2. Maintain Filter and Container:
– Regularly clean the vacuum filter and container as instructed in the User Guide to prevent pet hair from clogging filters and impacting vacuum performance.
3. Mind the Vacuum Hose and Cables:
– Prevent cords and cables from tangling with pets to avoid unnecessary accidents.

For any concerns or questions, please consult the User Guide or contact our customer support.


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