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WiFi Sprinkler Timer, AUOSHI Smart Water Timer for Garden Hose, 2 Outlets, Automatic Irrigation System with WiFi Hub, Up to 20 Watering Plans, APP Control, Work with Alexa and Google Assistant

?Easy App Control?: Adding the WiFi Sprinkle Timer and WiFi hub to Smart Life APP to connect the water timer with 2.4Ghz WiFi, you can manage watering programs by the App anytime and anywhere and check watering history. No need to worry about forgetting watering your plants anymore.
?Smart Voice Control?: AUOSHI outdoor sprinkle timer is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing you to turn the watering timer on and off using simple voice commands. Enjoy the hands-free convenience of controlling the watering system with your voice.
?2 Watering Schedule Setting Types?: Timed watering mode lets the hose timer run on its own and water at a specific time. Customize its start time, water duration, and watering weekly cycle or on odd day/even day/ every few days to meet your different watering needs. Under the cyclical watering mode, the faucet timer will cycle watering within the preset start and end times automatically. When watering schedules are set, the irrigation timer will take over the control of the lawn and garden.
?Bluetooth Control Function?: Besides controlling by WiFi hub, the WiFi water timer can also be controlled by Smart Life APP via Bluetooth. Even if there is a power outage in your house and the WiFi hub can?t work, you can still set up and manage watering programs on the App via Bluetooth. The maximum Bluetooth working range is 49.2ft in the open area without obstruction.

?2 Independent Watering Systems?: The WiFi watering timer has 2 outlets that work separately, each zone can be individually set the 2 watering schedule types. And you can set up to 20 programs (2 outlets, each 10 programs) for your plant, garden, greenhouse, lawn, swimming pool, fruit/vegetable irrigation.
?Extended Irrigation System?: You can expand up to 32 WiFi water timers with only one WiFi hub, building a smart irrigation system for your garden. Also, you can add family members to the App and share home irrigation management.
?Manual Watering & Rain Delay?: In manual mode, you can water anytime as needed, with customizing time from 1 min to 23 hrs59 min and without interrupting the preset watering schedule. With rain delay mode, your programmed schedule will be paused for 1~7days, and will be automatically resumed.
?Waterproof & Low Power Consumption?- Made of IP55 waterproof, anti-UV coating and anti-rust materials, added the seal ring in the battery cover to isolate moisture which is perfect for outdoor using. As it needs a low power consumption, the battery life is more than 6 months. When the battery is lower than 20%, the app will alert and remind you to change the battery.



Product details

AUOSHI WiFi Water Timer will be the perfect helper for your garden! Sprinkler Timer intelligent control the plant watering, save water, and reduce watering costs. Irrigation Timer provides you with multiple modes to meet various needs.


2.4Ghz WiFi Only

Bluetooth Range: 49.2 ft without interference

Min/Max Operating Pressure: 7.25psi~116psi

Working Temperature: 4.5?-45? (40.1?~113?)

Power:4* AA alkaline batteries

Waterproof: IPX5

Rain Delay Time: 1 ~ 7 days

Package Including:

WiFi water timer*1

WiFi hub*1

seal tape*2

3/4″ Male NPT to 1/2″ Female NPT reducer adapter*2

3/4″GHT male thread *2



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