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AUOSHI Water Flow Meter with Brass Inlet, Water Meter for Garden Hose Watering, Lawn Sprinkler, RV Water Tank Filling, Track Water Usage & Flow Rate, IPX5 Waterproof, Gallon/Liter

【100% BRASS INLET】Newly upgraded flow meter with brass water inlet metal thread, heavy-duty design increases hose water meter life, can withstand up to 116psi. The built-in metal filter can effectively prevent larger particles such as sediment from entering the flow meter and affecting the accuracy of measurement data.
【4 Measurement Modes】This garden hose flow meter has 4 measurement modes, FLOW/ CONSUMPTION/AVERAGE/TOTAL. FLOW MODE: Real-time water flow rate; CONSUMPTION MODE: Single water consumption; AVG MODE: 7-day average water consumption; TOTAL MODE: Total water consumption. Short press the button to switch measurement mode. With these 4 different measurement modes, you can easily track water consumption and flow rate.
【Measurement error <5%】 This hose water meter has a built-in high-precision Hall sensor and a more efficient wind wheel structure, which can accurately measure water volume and flow rate to 0.1 gallons, with a measurement error of less than 5%. Great for measuring water usage and preventing over-watering, helping you conserve water and reduce your water bill. 【Easy to Operate】This hose flow meter is equipped with a larger display, making it easy to read water meter information. Press and hold the button in flow mode to switch units (gallons/liter). In other modes, long press the button to reset data. The LCD screen will automatically sleep after 1 minute of no operation/no water flow, and will automatically turn on when there is water flow again. 【IPX5 Waterproof & Anti-UV】This water hose meter is made of heavy-duty ABS material, which is waterproof and UV-resistant, suitable for outdoor and indoor use. Suitable for garden hose watering, hose nozzles, pool top-up water, irrigation systems, RV travel. Accurately grasp the remaining amount of water in the RV water tank to ensure water for travel. 【QUICK CONNECTION】This RV water meter has a 360°rotatable inlet that can be easily connected to the faucet. Equipped with quick connectors at the water outlet to connect garden hoses, sprinklers, nozzles, etc. Eliminate the trouble of frequent installation and disassembly.



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AUOSHI Water Flow Meter

Compact & Multi-Functional

How much water can fill up your RV tank or your pool? How much water do your plants & lawns need to keep thriving? How much water does your garden use every day? How much water goes through your hose every minute?

With a AUOSHI water flow meter, you can easily track how much water you have used for daily garden watering or filling up a RV tank. Just attach the water meter on your faucet or hose and go! In this summer, you’ll enjoy a green garden with less concerns and a low-cost watering bill.


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